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Our SignAture Menu,
Udon and Tempura

Our udon is simply made from three ingredients of flour, water and salt. Making udon in MARUGAME is, honesty, time-consuming and hard work but we stick to what we do.

Our Udon


MARUGAME’s signature udon bowl which can fully enjoy a more fragrant and aromatic udon experience. Udon straight from the Kama (pot) served in Kama water with BK sauce (thick dipping dashi sauce) for dipping.


Udon in a light dashi broth with full of savory umami flavor. Just like our udon noodles, we also make fresh dashi broth at our kitchen everyday. It is a classic comfort food in Japan.


Pouring BK sauce directly onto the udon. This popular style of udon allows you to enjoy the flavor and chewy texture of udon noodles.


Our best-selling menu around the world serving with sweet and savory beef and BK sauce, with a poached Onsen egg (soft boiled egg).


Udon and Tempura are perfect partners in Sanuki style. In Kagawa Prefecture, home of Sanuki udon, many of udon stores serve tempura as side dishes. Our tempura is all freshly fried at our open kitchen. Always serving piping hot and crispy tempura.